Morning Ritual Ground Matcha
Morning Ritual Ground Matcha
Morning Ritual Ground Matcha
Morning Ritual Ground Matcha
Morning Ritual Ground Matcha
Morning Ritual Ground Matcha
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    Morning Ritual Ground Matcha


      Elevate your morning ritual with our organic Ceremonial Grade A, Koicha stone-ground matcha. This single-origin Japanese green tea powder was hand selected for its extremely smooth flavor profile that blends effortlessly with milk or water to become a delicious, decadent tea, served thick or thin. Our organic matcha is fresh ground and shipped from Uji, Kyoto, each month and is stored in nitrogen-sealed bags and kept in the fridge until it's directly shipped to you so that you have the quickest delivery and freshest product. Traditionally prepared using the highest quality green tea leaves, our matcha is rich in antioxidants and delivers a balanced sense of natural energy.

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      Net weight: 30g (1.06oz). 30 servings per tin

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      • Ceremonial Grade Matcha

        Certified Ceremonial Grade A for the highest quality green tea leaves

      • Stone Ground Matcha

        Stoneground for a silky-smooth texture

      • Single Origin From Japan

        Single-Origin–farmed in the hills of Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan


      Drinking Matcha Changed My Life

      After years of drinking coffee and experiencing its accompanying stomach aches, jitters and afternoon crashes, I discovered matcha. To say it has changed my life in the years since is an understatement. Not only has it given me a delicious and nourishing way to care for myself, but it has opened me up to the sacred world of daily tea rituals. I tested hundreds of kinds of matcha before finding the authentic ceremonial-grade Japanese variety you’ll find in Morning Ritual — it’s the best in the world. I am so excited to share it with you and invite you to join me in my morning tea ritual, one of the best parts of my day.
      -- Shayna Terese Taylor

      Making matcha tea is quick and easy.

      Here are two methods to try.

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      Order Shayna's Morning Ritual
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      What makes our Morning Ritual Matcha different?

      Better taste and texture

      You haven’t experienced the true taste of matcha until you’ve tried Morning Ritual. Our matcha has an extremely smooth flavor profile — it’s light, pure, a little bit sweet, and froths beautifully. It’s not bitter, grassy or chalky like lower-quality options.

      Highest quality, whole-leaf tea

      Our matcha is made of the best of each year’s harvest, shade grown and stone ground to perfection. You can tell the difference in the color of the matcha — it’s a bright, vibrant green, full of vital health benefits. Our matcha is also kept refrigerated until shipped to insure highest antioxidant content

      Transparent sourcing

      Unlike most matcha retailers, we have visited the farm where our tea is grown and can vouch for its quality. Our matcha is made from organic green tea leaves that are ground only after we place an order, ensuring maximum potency and freshness.


      What the Pros Are Saying

      reviews from wellness experts & influencers

      • I have spent a career working with indigenous growers of powerful plants around the world and this Matcha measures up! Shayna’s Green Matcha is my favorite, nutrient rich and delicious green tea!

        Darin Olien

        SuperFood Hunter and TV show host
      • Shayna’s Kitchen Matcha is an ESSENTIAL part of my morning ritual and routine. It's pure, powerful, tastes great, and helps me KICK ACID every day.

        Dr. Daryl Geoffrey

        Celebrity Nutritionist, Founder of Alkamind
      • Morning Ritual is the best tasting matcha I’ve come across. So smooth and delicious! I feel energized but calm all day after my morning cup. A high quality matcha with potent antioxidants is important to me and this fits all my criteria!

        Sophie Elkus

        Lifestyle Blogger

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