Shayna's Kitchen Morning Ritual Ground Matcha

Ceremonial Grade A, Koicha Stone Ground Matcha Powder
  • Highest quality hand-picked young leaves

  • Single-Origin–farmed in the hills of Uji, Japan

  • Whole leafs ground to order

  • Refrigerated until it ships to you


"I finally found incredible quality matcha that tastes great and gives you the right amount of energy. I'm so excited to share it with you."

- Shayna Taylor, Organic Chef & Health Coach


Not all Matcha is created equal.

Grown at high altitudes from the pristine Uji hillside in Japan and shaded to produce maximum antioxidant and chlorophyll levels, one cup of Shayna's Kitchen Morning Ritual Ceremonial Grade Matcha equals the nutritional benefits of 8-10 cups of green tea and is packed with minerals and vitamins (including B vitamins). Don't be fooled by lower grade culinary matcha products. Get ceremonial! 

Ceremonial Grade

Vibrant green, tiny uniform bubbles, enhanced antioxidants, rich, creamy flavor and naturally sweet.

Culinary Grade

Made for cooking, dark in color, bitter taste, lower quality ingredients leading to less health benefits.

Ready to kickstart your morning routine?

Get a clean, focused start to your day and sustain energy and concentration with Shayna's Morning Ritual Matcha.

Order now and see the difference for yourself.

The Benefits of Ceremonial Grade Matcha

End your coffee routine and get focused energy that will sustain you throughout the day. Try a cup for yourself and experience immediate feelings of calm, clarity and focus.

Energy & Focus

Matcha is a powerful ally in fighting fatigue. The combination of naturally occurring amino acids plus small amounts of caffeine tend to give an instant boost to personal energy levels. Regular matcha drinkers have reported clearer and quicker thinking, improved memory for things like names and numbers, increased alertness and awareness, elevated moods, “calm euphoria,” and improved concentrative abilities for studying, working, or driving.

Fat Burner

Several key studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that quality Matcha has thermogenic properties (thermogenesis is the rate at which the human body burns calories), and that exercising immediately after drinking matcha resulted in 25% more fat burning during exercise. It's also an excellent source of the polyphenol, EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which is a plant-based compound with powerful antioxidant properties

Stress Reliever

Matcha has insanely high amounts of a specific amino acid called L-theanine, which has strong associations with the production of alpha waves in the brain. When L-theanine is absorbed into the bloodstream, dopamine and serotonin levels tend to rise, which often produce alpha waves, which often produce feelings of well-being, general happiness, relaxation, and alertness.

Immunity Booster

A recent study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences concluded that drinking matcha everyday greatly enhanced the overall response of the immune system. The exceedingly high levels of antioxidants in matcha mainly take the form of polyphenols, catechins, and flavonoids, each of which aids the body’s defense in its daily struggles against free radicals that come from the pollution in your air, water and foods. On a practical level this can mean fewer colds.

High-Potency Antioxidants

Shayna's Matcha truly earns the title of “superfood” when it comes to antioxidants. Each food has been measured for their antioxidant capacities, in a unit called ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) Goji berries, for example, contain 253 ORAC units per gram. Dark chocolate contains 227 and so on. Each cup of Shayna's Matcha has a whopping 1,348 ORAC units per cup. It’s not just another Matcha, It's a real superfood that boosts your physical health, improves concentration, and delivers health benefits you don't get from other foods or beverages.

Organic Chef & Health Coach, Shayna Taylor.

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How does this compare to the matcha available on Amazon?

Shayna’s Kitchen matcha is freshly ground once we place an order, and temperature controlled during transport from the time it leaves the farm in Uji, Japan, to the moment it’s ready to ship to your door. Unlike the matcha sold on Amazon, our matcha never sits in a warehouse to ensure you get the highest quality, and freshest matcha possible. Matcha this fresh doesn't exist on Amazon.

Is this matcha tested for heavy metals?

Yes, all batches of Shayna's Kitchen Morning Ritual Matcha are 3rd party tested to ensure there are no heavy metals. 

What is the difference between ceremonial grade and culinary grade matcha?

Culinary grade matcha is made for cooking, dark in color, bitter tasting, lower quality ingredients with less health benefits than ceremonial grade matcha. Ceremonial grade matcha is vibrant green, with tiny uniform bubbles. It is enhanced with antioxidants and has a creamy naturally sweet flavor. One cup of ceremonial grade matcha carries the nutritional benefits found in about 8-10 cups of green tea.

Why do people prefer matcha over coffee? 

One of the main reasons many choose matcha over coffee is because of matcha’s high amounts of L-Theanine, which has strong associations with the production of alpha waves in the brain and can cause dopamine and serotonin levels to rise, producing feelings of well-being, general happiness, relaxation, and alertness.

Does matcha need to be refrigerated?

Refrigeration is ideal but anywhere that remains cool is sufficient. The matcha quality and nutrients will degrade if exposed to prolonged heat. This is why we go to the extent to transport our matcha in temperature controlled environments.

Sustain energy all day, without the caffeine.

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