Certified Organic Ground Matcha Refill

Certified Organic Ground Matcha Refill

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Elevate your daily routine with our Certified Organic Elevated Morning Ritual Matcha—an experience that transcends the ordinary and embodies the pinnacle of quality, care, and ceremonial grace.

This matcha, born from pristine, shade-grown tea leaves, strikes a harmonious balance between nature's gifts and human craftsmanship. Meticulously stone ground to perfection, it retains its vibrant hue, nutrient potency, and exquisite sweetness. Here, there's no room for bitterness; instead, you'll discover a delicate, earthy aroma that paves the way for a full-bodied, lingering richness on your palate.

Steeped in the tradition of ceremonial-grade matcha, it's an invitation to immerse yourself in pure, green euphoria. Whisking it to life becomes an art form, releasing its vivid color, concentrated fragrance, and profound flavor. The act of making this matcha is more than a habit; it's a meditation, a moment to savor and find tranquility in your daily rituals.

Join us in the journey of "Elevated Morning Ritual" Certified Organic Matcha, where excellence meets authenticity, and each sip is a step closer to elevating your daily experience. It's not just matcha; it's a celebration of life's finer moments.

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Net weight: 30g (1.06oz). 30 servings per tin

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We've all struggled with finding a balance in our eating. My own journey from junk food to real food has made me passionate about nature’s power to nourish and heal us. Shayna’s Kitchen has grown out of that passion. Every day, I search the world for the best nature has to offer. The small-batch, sustainable products we’re creating for you here are made with the love of local farmhands and artisans who are dedicated to sharing their best with you. Together, we’re building a more conscientious community of food lovers, and are so excited to invite you to be a part of it.

At Shayna’s Kitchen, we believe:

Food has the power to heal and nourish us and help us be our best selves. This isn’t about fad diets or deprivation. It’s about preparation and intention: choosing the best ingredients, eating intuitively, and empowering ourselves to make healthy choices. The energy and joy we put into our food helps us reconnect with our bodies and set ourselves up for success. 


The building blocks of better health start with essentials that are anything but basic: the highest-quality, cold-pressed olive oil harvested from wild olives, or Japanese matcha grown in the shade for the greatest sweetness. Choosing the best ingredients every day is one small way we can make a big impact on the quality of our lives.


It’s not as hard as we might think to make choices that are good for us and for the planet. Ingredients that are sustainably grown and packaged are better all around: nourishing the soil that trees and plants grow in and caring with intention for the food we create, so it’s always at its most nutrient-dense, flavorful, and healthy (because sustainability is also about sustenance).


Shopping for organic, fresh veggies and proteins and choosing non-toxic cookware and kitchen supplies that inspire us to cook beautiful, balanced meals are just some of the ways we can be sure we’re doing the best for our well-being. The costs to our energy and overall health are so obvious when we don’t.

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